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Essay: Et maintenant, une page de publicité (And now, time for a commercial break)

Et maintenant, une page de publicité (une histoire morale de la publicité à la télévision française (1968-2008)

And now, time for a commercial break (a moral tale of advertising on French Television (1968-2008), INA (2010), by Sylvain Parasie.

This work is perfectly well documented and traces the history of relations between French television and advertising since its appearance in 1968.

The legal aspects are not overlooked as this extract on the question of misleading advertising shows: “Between 1982 and 1984, a series of law suits led the courts to recognise the changes impacting advertising, primarily on television. The image of a consumer and a TV viewer appreciating the tongue-in-cheek humour emerges before the French courts. One man played a key role in this matter: the lawyer, François Greffe. As legal advisor to the RFP since 1968, he was closely involved in drafting the rules of the RFP while defending advertisers through his Law Firm. He is the author of the authoritative work “La Publicité et la Loi” and of many commentaries of case law in La Gazette du Palais; he has therefore greatly influenced doctrine in the field of advertising.
(page 130)
(also see pages 34, 68, 131, 132 and 256).

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